St Day Parish Council News

St Day Town Clock

If you are wondering why the clock isn’t striking at the moment there is a good reason! Just about the only part which wasn’t repaired or replaced during the recent renovations was the hammer which strikes the bell and it has now ceased functioning properly. Consequently it has now been removed and a new hammer […]

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Only 6 nominations were received for the seven places on St Day Parish Council so there currently exists a vacancy. At the Parish Council meeting on 08 May it was decided to advertise the vacancy and to ask for applications by Monday 05 June so ….. if you are prepared to offer your services as […]


St Day Parish Council was originally told that, once the repair works at the bottom of Telegraph St., were completed, work would begin to sort out the dip in the road on Vicarage Hill. On further inspection it has been decided to monitor this problem for a while – maybe 12 months – with probes […]

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