United Downs Geothermal Energy Project

At our Parish Council meeting on 10 July Peter Ledingham of Geothermal Energy Ltd gave a short introduction to this project which is due to run until mid 2020. Two wells will be drilled, starting in early 2018, to a maximum depth of 4.5k (about 3 miles). The drilling will probably last from 6 to 8 months and will continue 24 hours per day. Mr Ledingham was at pains to stress that this will not be noisy, the noise levels will be very carefully monitored, and that low limits, 45 decibels at night and 65 during the day, are conditions of the planning permission. The intention is that, by the end of the project in mid 2020, a one megawatt power station will have been built to create electricity – enough to power up to 1,500 homes.
The site being used is on the United Downs Industrial Site but there will be some impact on St Day in that there will be some additional traffic along the B3298 from Scorrier. Mr Ledingham stressed that this increase will be minimal and that it will only really be noticed on two occasions – when the drilling rig is being delivered to and removed from the site. These two movements will be very carefully planned.

Obviously, whilst there are obvious potential benefits from this project, there are also many concerns. It is really important that residents take the trouble to find out what is involved and this you can do by going to one of the planned public information events and asking questions. The first one is planned for Tuesday 25th July in the Mills Hall, Carharrack, between 3 and 8pm. It is a drop-in event so go when you are free.

One final important point – this is not a fracking project.

Fly tipping

Surely everyone must have noticed the vacuum cleaner which was dumped in Fore Street outside the Town Clock garden wall at the end of June? Because one lazy person couldn’t be bothered to drive the one and a half miles to the household refuse site on United Downs (at a cost of around 15p) Cornwall Council will now have to be contacted to come out and remove it with two men and a van. How much is that going to cost? Much, much more than 15p that’s for sure! Who will pay? We will, and that’s also for sure!

PLEASE if you see anyone dumping rubbish in public places let the Parish Council know. It is costing Cornwall Council, and that means you and me, thousands of pounds each year to clear up after these lazy people.

AND PLEASE if you are a fly tipper, stop being selfish and lazy and take your rubbish to the household refuse site as, fortunately, most other people do.

St Day Town Clock

If you are wondering why the clock isn’t striking at the moment there is a good reason! Just about the only part which wasn’t repaired or replaced during the recent renovations was the hammer which strikes the bell and it has now ceased functioning properly. Consequently it has now been removed and a new hammer is being made so, all being well, the new hammer will be installed in a few weeks and the clock will be back to full working order.

Parish Councillor Vacancy

Only 6 nominations were received for the seven places on St Day Parish Council so there currently exists a vacancy. At the Parish Council meeting on 08 May it was decided to advertise the vacancy and to ask for applications by Monday 05 June so ….. if you are prepared to offer your services as a Parish Councillor (no qualifications are needed other than a willingness to help your community) please submit a letter of application to stdaypc@gmail.com or deliver it to The Parish Clerk at Kinsmans Barns, Mt Pleasant, St Day by the above date. All applications will be considered at the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 12 June.


St Day Parish Council was originally told that, once the repair works at the bottom of Telegraph St., were completed, work would begin to sort out the dip in the road on Vicarage Hill. On further inspection it has been decided to monitor this problem for a while – maybe 12 months – with probes which can measure any movement and then make a decision at the end of the monitoring period to see if any work is needed. Cormac has told us that approximately 100 cubic metres of foam concrete was poured into a hole at this point on Vicarage Hill around 15 years ago and they hope that it has now stabilised.
This means that the third problem, that of the hole underneath the electricity substation in Telegraph St., can be brought forward and we are talking to Western Power to try to move this on. Watch this space for further news!

Parish Council Elections, May 4th

The deadline for nominations passed on Tuesday 4th April and there were six nominations to serve as Parish Councillors in St Day until May 2021. As there are seven seats on the Parish Council this means that the six nominees are automatically elected and, once the new Council has met on Monday 8th May, a further Parish Cllr will have to be co-opted. Please look out for the notices advertising this after 8th May and please consider putting your name forward. St Day needs a full Parish Council!! There will, obviously, be no Parish Council elections but the election for a Cornwall Cllr to represent the ward of Carharrack, Gwennap and St Day will still take place on 4th May.
The six nominees who have been automatically elected to serve on St Day Parish Council from 8th May are:
Roy Gill – Hawthorn Villa, Telegraph St., St Day
Clive Jones – Hawkes View, 14 Wheal Gorland Road, St Day
Dave Moerel – 6 Chyrose Road, St Day
Geoff Nankivell – Glynfield, Silverwell, Blackwater
John Newcombe – Woodside, Tolgullow, St Day
Craig Williams – 1 Buckingham Terrace, St Day

Telegraph Street update

Following the retarmacing and reopening of Telegraph Street at the end of March we were all disappointed to hear that another ‘mining feature’ had been discovered during the tarmacing process. The latest information we have from Cormac is that an assessment of the problem has to be carried out and work will start on Tuesday 18th April. They hope that they will be able to fill the hole with concrete and reinstate the surface and, if this is the case, the work will only take around one week. Telegraph Street will remain open while the work is going on.
Should there be any further updates on this matter they will be posted here.

New benches!

Following a very generous donation from a resident who wishes to remain anonymous St Day Parish Council has bought two new benches which have been installed against the front wall of the Town Clock garden in Fore Street. Our donor specifically asked that they should be sited there so that people waiting for the bus can sit down – Parish Councillors were very happy to go along with that. We really want everyone to use and enjoy these benches, especially when the bus is late, so please make use of them and we also hope that everyone will respect them and make the most of this generous gift. The benches were installed free of charge by Mark Lawry, a builder who does a lot of work for St Day Parish Council and the Mills Trust.

Telegraph Street

Some good news at last! Provided no unforeseen last minute problems crop up we have been told that Telegraph Street should be open to pedestrians and vehicles by the end of March, around two weeks earlier than expected. Carnon have finished on site (a few days earlier than anticipated) and CORMAC will be on site from the 20th March to prepare the site for re-surfacing which will commence the following week. By the end of the week all should be back to normal.