We all know that parking in St Day can be a real pain at times but getting stroppy with other residents isn’t the way to solve the problem!!
Apparently some people who are unable to park outside their own houses – maybe someone else is already parked there or there are double yellow lines – have suffered abuse when they have parked their cars elsewhere, but legally, in St Day.
We live in a village with very few off-street parking spaces and yet most householders own cars, often more than one. This means that we have to park carefully and be considerate with others, especially those who are unable to park outside their own properties. Getting into a slanging match with someone who has legally parked outside your house is not the answer and could land you in trouble with the police!
Just think, that person who has parked outside your house probably doesn’t want to be there and would much rather be parked outside their own house. They have probably also spent the last 15 minutes trying to find a parking space after a hard day’s work. Please be kind!!

Road Closures

Telegraph Street will be closed from 05 January, 2017 for a minimum of 12 weeks  for road repairs. Once this is done Vicarage Hill will be closed to investigate a ‘dip’ in the road and then Telegraph Street will have to be closed again for repairs to the electricity sub-station. There will obviously be considerable disruption to traffic during this time but we ask everyone to drive carefully and slowly through St Day and to park sensibly, causing as little problem to others as possible.