No one can have failed to notice the work which has been going on for the last 12 months or so on Telegraph Hill – I’m sure most of us will at least have been held up by temporary traffic lights at some time or other! Well, happily the work is now nearing completion and the new houses are almost ready to be occupied by the families and individuals who have shown a close connection with St Day and have been allocated a property. Work is also continuing behind the scenes towards the Parish Council’s plan to have a new doctors’ surgery built on the remaining plot of ground where the builders’ cabins are at the moment. The builders have negotiated the right to use that plot of land until the end of 2018 but, if everything goes according to plan, work on the surgery will start after that.
In the short term the new occupants will be moving in on 31 July and Coastline Housing has organised an opening ceremony for 2pm on that day. Everyone is welcome!!

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