British Red Cross continues to tackle loneliness in Camborne, Pool and Redruth

The British Red Cross has run its Community Connector service in Cornwall since 2017 which aims to provide vital support to lonely and isolated local people, In Camborne, Pool and Redruth, over the age of 55years.

The service, which is being delivered through the Red Cross’ partnership with the Sports England, will offer direct, personalised support for people experiencing loneliness or social isolation. Helping them to access their community and improve on their daily physical activity. This delivery has been adapted during the COVID 19 lock down and is telephone support only at present.

Redruth and Camborne were identified as areas where a particularly high number of people need additional support. Sports England have identified that over half of 55year olds and older do no physical activity at all; by encouraging more physical activity and supporting the individual with their own person centred plan to feel less lonely, we can hopefully reduce their feelings of loneliness.

What can the Red Cross do to help?
They can offer:
> Initial period of up to 3 months support
> Aim to help each person feel better connected and more involved in their local area
> Co-develop tailored plan of activities to enable each person to achieve things they want
> Typically, they could explore interests, support to take part in them with like-minded people in local area, and build confidence and independence so person feels able to stay involved
> Help to motivate them to improve on their daily Physical activity.

The Red Cross Understands that during the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been offering tremendous support to the community of Cornwall, especially through Help lines. But are there people you can identify who are calling on these help lines who could be supported by the Red Cross Connecting Communities Service, who are within the project area?
If so they would love to support them and with your help of identifying them they can.

For more information about this project or to make a referral to the Community Connector service, please call:
Charlet Treloar: 07912 080912
Heather Lawry: 07843 343623

Or email us at:

*Referral form available in Documents – “Red Cross Referral Form”