Cornwall Rural Community Charity (crcc) – Supporting Cornish Communities

West Cornwall Youth Cabinet have designed You, Me, Us packs; for young people 11-18 facing financial hardship and isolation during COVD19. The aim of the packs is to offer support to young people who are not accessing online platforms for services and support, the packs will include items that young people will find useful and fun and a local contact number in which young people can call and be directed to the right support for them, from online, to face-face provision local to them . The contents of the packs will promote positive emotional health and items to remind young people they are not alone, and provide details of how to access support local to them.

Thanks to the support from several partners of the CRCC youth team, including Yourway, Headstart Kernow and One Vision, the packs have been funded by the Cornwall Community foundation Emergency Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund, along with generosity of Attic designs,
Firstlight, Outback Trading, Cake and Craft World and Symington’s, the West Cornwall youth cabinet are pleased to be able to offer You, Me, Us packs throughout Cornwall for up to 18weeks.

The packs include:
 A lollipop
 A swizzle chewy bar
 20ml shower gel
 20ml shampoo and conditioner
 A silly activity such as bubbles or stress ball
 Mugshot (or similar)

 Mug cake
 Sanitary product for females
 Recipe card with meals under £5 and store cupboard designed by young
 Headstart Zcard
 Headstart postcard with contact details

Packs can be requested by contacting the West Cornwall, Yourway participation worker Kate MacArthur via email: Tel: 07753250286