Electoral Review of Cornwall

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for Cornwall Council and the consultation period on these recommendations closes on 17 September 2018.
The effect of these proposals will be to reduce the number of Cornwall Councillors from 123 to 87, thus increasing Councillors’ workloads by almost 50% and making it very difficult, and maybe impossible, for anyone to hold a full time job and be an effective Cornwall Councillor. More importantly for St Day the current division of Carharrack, Gwennap and St Day will cease to exist and will become Carharrack, Mt Ambrose and St Day, in spite of the objections voiced by St Day Parish Councillors who feel that St Day is a rural parish and do not wish to see it linked with Mt Ambrose which is clearly a part of Redruth. St Day Parish Council has suggested that, in order to make the numbers balance, a part of Redruth at South Downs could be taken into Lanner Parish – South Downs is clearly linked to Lanner and there is no green belt between the two areas whereas there is between St Day and Mt Ambrose. Sadly the Local Government Boundary Commission refuses to listen.
If you feel strongly about this you can view the proposals on and you can then email your comments to