Each year voluntary, not for profit and charitable organisations are invited to apply to the Parish Council for a grant. All applications must be received by the Parish Clerk before the second Monday in November.

At its November meeting each year the Parish Council considers all grant applications received and, provided the required criteria are met and the Parish Council has the legal power to do so, a grant may be awarded.

• Awards will not exceed the agreed annual budget unless the Parish Council agrees to make an award under exceptional circumstances.

• If requested, the recipient will supply the Parish Council with details of the expenditure incurred and will provide all financial records and accounts, including receipts for items purchased with the grant, for a period of two years. This information may be inspected by the public.

• If the grant is not spent within twelve months from the date awarded the Parish Council reserves the right to ask for repayment of the grant if:
1. The contract is breached.
2. If the organisation has submitted any dishonest or misleading information to the Parish Council.
3. If the organisation ceases to exist, becomes insolvent, goes into administration, receivership or liquidation.

• Should the Parish Council agree not to award a grant all organisations will be notified of their unsuccessful application.