Devon and Cornwall Alert

Devon and Cornwall Alert is a free messaging system to inform members of the public about crimes and incidents affecting their local area. It works by sending recorded messages by telephone, email or text messages to individuals or groups and businesses.

Basically it is a two-way messaging system which helps the police to connect with local communities; it tells people what is happening in their area and allows them to respond directly with any information and the system is designed to allow people to choose the type of information they would like to receive concerning crime and anti-social behaviour, witness appeals, crime prevention, community events and even local good news. This means that subscribers will not be notified about every crime or incident that happens in their community as the aim is to send relevant information where the police believe to do so will reduce the opportunity for crime and anti-social behaviour or help them to solve a crime.

Anyone interested in signing up for Devon and Cornwall Alert should go to or you can fill in a form on the Devon and Cornwall police website under the services section.

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