Reporting Incidents of illegal use of Bridleways, Footpaths and Trails

For many years now, residents, land owners and Parish Councils alike have raised concern over the increasing number of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents and related issues resulting from the illegal use of our high valued Public Rights of Way (PRoW) and Trails, by off-road motorised vehicles, e.g. Motor cycles, quad bikes and 4 x 4s. Such activity has caused untold damage to many of our Bridleways and Footpaths (Byways are legally allowed) which the vast majority of people simply love to walk, ride or cycle and see as a key part of their health and well-being.

We know this is yet again one of those cases where the few who are spoiling things for the many law abiding off-road users who wish to do the right thing and so this subject does need perspective. Most reported incidents relate to annoyance, livestock disturbance and damage, however, some residents actually live in fear of what they sometimes see coming around the corner towards them.

Accessibility and good maintenance of our Bridleways, Footpaths and Trails has never been more important than at this time and the Police are prepared to help address the problem. However, they can only do so if incidents are reported in the right way and that way is via Cornwall Council’s on line ‘Report It’ tool, the link to which is:

Totally anonymous, and simply a means by which to report such activity, this single page ‘Report It’ requires only 6 boxes to be completed. All logged reports will be collated quarterly throughout the year and sent to the Police for scrutiny so they can identify potential “hotspot” locations for subsequent enforcement action, if/as required. An Illegal Use of PRoW/Trails Group has been formed with a view to working, not only with the Police but with the wider community at large.

Thank you!

Posted on behalf of the Illegal Use of PRoW/Trails Group