St Day Lantern Parade

It was great to see so many people out on Saturday evening, 24th March, to enjoy the wonderful Lantern Parade and entertainment. Fortunately the weather (just about) cooperated although it must have made the preparations during the day very difficult.
The lanterns which Clare Summerson and Kate Beesley had made were really fantastic, especially the steam engine which actually puffed out steam, and the local children added enormously to the spectacle with their lanterns and kites, not to mention the Hornets Street Band who kept the procession moving along at a jaunty pace
St Day was illuminated as it has never been before, from the lighting up of the Town Clock to the marvellous displays in the avenue to the Old Church and burial ground entrance (my favourite) and on to the beautifully illuminated walkway at the school. When you add to that the animations which were projected onto the house wall at Market Square and onto the screen at the school the whole place was ablaze!
There are so many people to thank for the wonderful evening but first of all must come Clare and Kate and their team who have worked so hard and so long to lay on this event for everyone, the stewards who marshalled the parde and kept the traffic at bay for us, the Day-light Choir who sang in Market Square and then rushed down to the Old Church to perform again and also the people of Market Square who found somewhere else to park their cars to free up the space for the event.
And finally …… the last in the series of Signs and Wonders events organised by Clare and Kate will take place on 14th April at Gwennap Pit (this was postponed from February). As this will be the last event I’m sure it will be a great evening ….. don’t miss it!