St Day Neighbourhood Development Plan

St Day Parish Council has now made the decision to work towards a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish, including Ninnis/Busveal and the majority of Scorrier, and Cornwall Council has formally approved the designation of the area. Several initial meetings have been held and a good number of volunteers have come forward to help. It is important to remember that, whilst the Parish Council has to decide to develop the plan, as many volunteers from the general public as possible will be needed to see it through, so, if you haven’t come forward yet, it’s not too late! If you are prepared to give up a little of your free time to join a group to work on a particular area of the plan or to help in any way then fill in the section on age 4 of the survey or contact a Parish Cllr or the Parish Clerk (contact details elsewhere on this site) and let us know. Absolutely no one will be turned away!! This is a real chance to make a contribution to the parish and help make sure that the parish you live in develops in the way you think it should – so please come forward. If you live in Scorrier, Busveal or Ninnis please let us know your thoughts and opinions as this project is about the whole of St Day parish and your ideas are just as important to us.

What has happened so far? The initial survey has been designed and printed and has been delivered to Scorrier and Busveal. Deliveries in St Day will happen during the week beginning 15 October and should be completed by 28 October. Our volunteers will then call again between 2 and 10 November to collect your completed surveys and a draw will be held at the Parish Council meeting on 13 November to see who wins the £50 prize draw –  remember, if you don’t return your survey, you won’t win!! The winning number and how to collect the prize money will be posted on this web site and on the Parish Notice Board (probably in the Post Office window too).  If you are not in when our volunteers call to collect your completed survey they will drop a slip through your letter box and ask you to return it to the Post Office by 10 November. Please do not return the survey to the Post Office unless you have had a slip through your door asking you to do so.

Once all of the surveys have been collated we will then know which areas – planning, community facilities, open spaces, traffic etc., – you want us to focus on and we can then establish our working groups and get on with the important work.

There is a long road ahead and we shall be consulting with residents at various stages and also relying on your cooperation throughout the whole process so, if you don’t feel able to volunteer your help, please do all you can to let us know your opinions whenever we ask for them.

There will be regular updates on the NDP on this website so please keep checking!