United Downs Deep Geothermal Power (UDDGP) PROJECT STATUS, JUNE 2020

The UDDGP project has been through many stages since Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) launched in 2009 to develop the UK’s first deep geothermal power project. All of these have needed a number of experts from planning, fund raising and procurement through to drilling and testing. The project has benefited greatly from the knowledge of many people who have worked in all areas of drilling, engineering and geology from across Europe.

As part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) award in 2017, GEL appointed a number of ‘Delivery Partners’ (GeoScience Ltd and University of Plymouth) to assist on the three year project.

These three years have now passed and, after a final testing period, the project will move into the construction of the power plant (a 12 month process). This will require a different set of people. We would like to take this opportunity to thank GeoScience Ltd for their boundless enthusiasm and knowledge and to University of Plymouth for their analysis of public perception. GEL greatly appreciates everything you brought to the project.
Moving forward, the project will continue to work with the 27 Universities that are currently linked to the project and the individual students that have or still are involved with the work at United Downs.

Due to the Covid-19 virus however, we have to keep the number of personnel at the site to a minimum. Hopefully that will soon end and we can enable them to progress and finish their studies.

If you have any questions about our partnerships or the testing phase of the project, do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.
Thank you
Dr Ryan Law
Managing Director GEL

Jane Charman: Community Relations Manager
Tel: 01326 331920
Address: Unit 3, Gate B, United Downs Industrial Estate, TR16 5HY