Burial ground, plot purchase

Burial ground, plot purchase


Burial Ground, Church St

The Church Street burial ground, which is owned by the Parish Council, was opened in 1987 as there were no new plots available in the churchyard. All of the ground in the burial ground is consecrated and the Parish Council has taken the following decisions in order to secure the facility for as long as possible:

  • No plots may be purchased in advance as this may result in large areas of the burial ground being unused and therefore hasten the need to provide a further burial ground.
  • Anyone who, at the time of death, was a resident of the civil parish of St Day may be buried in the burial ground. Representatives of anyone who was not a resident of St Day may apply to the Parish Council for permission to bury that person in the burial ground but a strong connection with St Day has to be shown for this to be granted. This measure was taken to allow maximum use of the burial ground for the residents of St Day.
  • The burial ground is a lawn cemetery and no memorials may be erected other than a single headstone. If a flower vase is required it should be incorporated within the headstone. Both of these measures are to allow for easier maintenance.

When purchasing a plot at St Day Burial Ground you are actually buying the Exclusive Right of Burial in that plot for 50 years, you are not buying the grave freehold. The Parish Council’s records contain details of all plots purchased and all plot owners should keep this document in a safe place as proof of ownership.