Parish Councillor’s Contact Information

Parish Councillor’s Contact Information

St Day Parish Council

The Parish of St. Day is immediately to the east of Redruth and about 6 miles west of Truro in Cornwall In addition to St. Day it includes the settlements of Busveal and Scorrier (most of).

Information about the council

St. Day Parish Council was formed in 1985 and its first meeting was held on the 23rd April of that year. Since then it has regularly met each month with the exception of August; and holds its Annual Meeting in May each year and calls the Annual Parish Meeting between March and June each year. Meeting dates have varied over the years but the present arrangements are that meetings will take place on the second Monday of each month in the Enterprise Centre, Vogue, beginning at 7pm. Item 3 on each agenda is always open for public comment and is limited to 15 minutes. Members of the public may attend and raise matters of interest during this time. They are then free to leave or stay to observe the remainder of the meeting.
The current Councillors serving the Parish are:

Name Address Telephone
James Beer (Chairman) Pink Moors 01209 821406
Zoe Abbotts (Vice Chair) Tolgullow 07824 531820
Clive Jones Burnwihtian 07970 138101
Darrel Christie Telegraph Hill 07745 722448
Jo Lello-Dunn Crofthandy 07714 028497

Members of the public should feel free to contact a Parish Councillor if they have a matter they wish to discuss, alternatively they should contact the Parish Clerk at the following address: C/O St Day Post Office, Fore Street, St Day. TR16 5JU.

Name Address Telephone
Sarah Moore Redruth 07826 856262

Or at the following email address:

Since its inception in 1985 there have only been various Chairpersons of the Parish Council. Until May 1999 the Chairman was Joe Mills, who was very much involved in the original move to establish a Parish Council in St Day. Since then the Chair has been held by John Newcombe, Chris Bell, Carl Lamb and is currently James Beer.

On the agenda for the third meeting of the Parish Council in 1985 was the matter of finding a new burial ground for St Day, the churchyard being virtually full. This was taken forward with enthusiasm and the new burial ground was opened in 1987. This remains one of the most important achievements of the Parish Council. Shortly afterwards the problem of street cleaning was addressed and the Parish Council appointed someone to sweep the streets in the centre of the town each fortnight. We are now on our fifth street cleaner and t Brian Chapman is maintaining the high standards which his father, Victor, set during his many years in the job.

Another early project was to fit wrought iron gates to the War Memorial, where the annual Remembrance Service is held and the names of The Fallen are read.

For many years now we have worked in partnership with the former Cornwall County Council to maintain the public footpaths in the parish. We organise and pay for the paths to be trimmed annually with the help of a financial contribution now from Cornwall Council.

Much of the day to day business of the Parish Council is taken up with considering planning applications, taking care of minor highway matters and passing comment on the many discussion papers which arrive from Cornwall Council and even from central Government.

The cutback in government funding in recent years has led to Cornwall Council reducing routine maintenance. The parish has taken on some of this work.

We cut the grass in the churchyard, the closed part being part funded by Cornwall Council.

We carry out some additional trimming of grass verges and take care of the flowerbed in Church St and the mine wagon at the Telegraph Hill crossroads together with the area in front of Buckingham Terrace and at Vogue Terrace. We also maintain the public seating with residents having donated several seats. Most work is carried out by paid contractors, but where possible is met by the Minor Works team and community volunteers.

Since the mid 1990s the parish council has worked with a wide range of organisations to obtain funding for various schemes which are described in more detail in the Regeneration section of this website. This work has required the support of local groups who could obtain funds not available to the parish council, notably the Climate Action Group, St Day Old Church and the Christmas Lights Committee.

Grant money enabled us to provide the original skateboarding facility at Vogue and bus shelters in Church Street and at Vogue. The steel ramps have now been removed due to their age and deteriorated condition; however plans for a new updated facility are in progress and it is hoped that a more suitable and useable skate park will take its place by the end of 2025.

In 2010 Cornwall Council said it had no funds to maintain the Town Clock and it would be sold if the parish council did not take it over. Having the support of residents with financial contributions we succeeded in raising over £90k from Cornwall Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Cory and Sita Environmental Trusts to completely overhaul the tower structure and update the clock mechanism, but we needed the help of the local Day-light Group to fulfil the community involvement conditions of the Heritage Lottery Grant. The final figure of almost £107k was achieved with additional contributions from the W. J. Mills Grant Fund and St. Day Parish Council.

Recent years have seen an expansion of house building on infill sites and the development of 2 affordable housing sites off Telegraph Hill and smaller sites at Scorrier.

A small industrial estate has developed at Scorrier.

In 2008 we were the first of the local parishes to produce a Parish Plan which now is in the process of becoming the St Day Neighbourhood Plan. We were also the first parish to purchase VAS speed cameras. In 2023 the Parish Council took ownership of a small piece of land, gifted to St Day by the late Miss Anne Kinsman; this is pledged to become the extension of the St Day burial ground.