Planning Application PA22/01475

Application PA22/01475
Proposal Listed building application to replace lead covering to porch roof with glass reinforced plastic

Location The Vicarage Church Street St Day TR16 5LD
Applicant . Truro Diocesan Board of Finance
Grid Ref 173075 / 42351

The above-mentioned application has been received by the Planning and Sustainable Development Service and is available for you to view and submit comments through the “Consultee Access Site”.

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If you are unable to submit comments online, any views you may have on the application should emailed to quoting reference number PA21/07264 by 8th March 2022

In accordance with Section 47 of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 Cornwall Council, as the Local Planning Authority, gives permission for Town and Parish Councils to reproduce planning applications if they are to be used in any format at their meetings (projecting paperless plans or hard copy).

Free Online Mental Health Awareness Training

Free Online Mental Health Awareness Training

Tuesday 25th January 2022   (1pm – 3pm)

An introduction of how to implement a trauma-informed approach to assist young people with their mental wellbeing.

Available to volunteers and community groups working with Young People aged 7 to 11

To request a space on the training, please email:

Accessing Support from Cornwall Council

The Cornwall Worrying About Money? leaflet is a simple resource for people facing financial crisis and those supporting them.  It helps to quickly see available advice, support options and which agencies are best placed to help.

Follow the links below for the information and advice currently available for anyone at risk of, or experiencing financial hardship.

Notification of Airborne Geophysical Survey – Letter from Bell Geospace

We are writing to inform you of an upcoming airborne geophysical survey taking place in your area this week.  The survey is due to take two to three weeks. If the weather is favourable, the Operations team intends that it will be done before Christmas.
The survey should cause very little disturbance to your business or residents. Each survey line is generally flown once, twice at the most. This means that impact to individuals will be very minimal.
It is likely that some people will be curious about the plane, so we thought you would appreciate a notification. Maybe you would want to cover the news on your local social media channels and notice boards.
I do note the short notice. Thank you for your help in expediting the messaging to the community. Flying the survey now meant we would 1) hope to avoid Christmas flights 2) significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the survey, the plane was already in Country but needs to go to work overseas in the New Year.
I have attached a letter which has also been mailed to you. This letter provides more details.
We are also writing to animal holdings in the area. The plane is very quiet and animals on the ground very rarely react to our surveys, however particularly skittish animals may prefer to be in barns when we come by. We offer a service of reaching out to farms/riding centres ahead of flying over their land.
We have also set up a community helpline 0131 202 7144 and webpage. The webpage has media resources if you need to publish.
Please let me know if you have any questions or would like anything more from me or the team here at Bell Geospace.
We are happy to help.
Julianne Sharples
International Marketing Manager

Geothermal Projects Update October 2021

Projects Update from Geothermal Engineering 

Is Anything Happening?
If you drive by the GEL site at United Downs, you will be forgiven for thinking nothing is happening. We assure you that a lot is happening, just not visible from the outside. After the huge success of the final stage of the testing phase where we had a week of steam proving we could bring the hot geothermal fluid to the surface and once it had cooled a little it was deposited back underground, a tender was then published for the geothermal binary power plant. The closing date for bids was extended as many businesses wishing to submit a tender were closed during August, so the closing date is now the end of October.

Back to School!
GEL are excited to be going back into schools again. Jane and Fin will be attending a careers fair at Mounts Bay Academy in November to talk to their students about all the different jobs that are incorporated into a geothermal power and heat project.

GEL is growing
We are please to announce that GEL has recruited a Power Plant Construction Project Manager. Tony lives in a hamlet just outside of Truro with his family. Tony will join the team at United Downs on 1st November and he will be doing exactly what his job description says, managing the whole power plant phase of the project. Keep an eye out for his biography on the Team page on the website.
Back in June GEL recruited Fin through the government’s Kick Start scheme as our office, website and social media administrator as well as Kieran on a 6 month contract working with Jan the Drilling Supervisor. By the end of October GEL will be recruiting another young person through the Kick Start scheme to work with Jane, assisting with Community Engagement. This vacancy is open to anyone between the ages of 18 – 24 who is claiming Universal Credit, if you know anyone who might be interested, they need to talk to their Job Coach for more information.

Geothermal is a new Cornish Industry
During October GEL submitted planning applications for 4 new prospective sites, they are in or close to Penhallow, Mawla, Manhay and Tolvaddon Energy Park. At the beginning of September GEL hosted four separate pre-planning public consultations in each of the four areas. Over the four days more than 200 people attended. The GEL team were very proud to talk about the project at United Downs from preparing the site through to proving the concept. It is anticipated that all 4 applications will be reviewed at a planning meeting in December with the outcome being given just before Christmas.

Social Media
A few weeks ago, GEL stopped using the United Downs Geothermal Facebook and Twitter accounts and switching to Geothermal Projects instead, so that all GEL projects can be incorporated. If you haven’t started following the new social media account, please switch today, so that you don’t miss news and updates about existing and new projects.

Geothermal: Helping to combat climate change-Increase biodiversity-Fund community projects