Message from Devon and Cornwall Police

Devon and Cornwall police have received a number of calls in the last few months from members of the public reporting off road motorcycles riding along the public bridal ways on the Wheal Maid site and Poldice Valley.

We are working with our partner agencies (County Council, Parish Council and Environmental Agency) to resolve these issues by holding regular operations to educate and if necessary enforce.

Off road riding and driving causes real damage to the landscape, heritage sites (Wheal Maid is a World Heritage Site) and can cause alarm and distress to the public, dogs, horses and any other livestock in the location.

It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to use a mechanically propelled vehicle without lawful authority on common land, moorland, on any footpath or bridleway. If you are riding off road on private land you must have the permission of the land owner to be there.

If you are caught riding/driving on such sites without permission you could receive a fine and have your vehicle seized.

Information on the law and regulations concerning off road riding can be found by visiting the Devon and Cornwall Police website: On this page there is also a list of suitable sites for off road driving/riding together with a link to report any issues with any off road riders/drivers.

Cornwall Council are also in the process of setting up a direct link to report off road bikes on foot paths and bridal ways, this link will hopefully be available on their homepage in the near future.

To report illegal riders call 101 or email