Fly tipping

Surely everyone must have noticed the vacuum cleaner which was dumped in Fore Street outside the Town Clock garden wall at the end of June? Because one lazy person couldn’t be bothered to drive the one and a half miles to the household refuse site on United Downs (at a cost of around 15p) Cornwall Council will now have to be contacted to come out and remove it with two men and a van. How much is that going to cost? Much, much more than 15p that’s for sure! Who will pay? We will, and that’s also for sure!

PLEASE if you see anyone dumping rubbish in public places let the Parish Council know. It is costing Cornwall Council, and that means you and me, thousands of pounds each year to clear up after these lazy people.

AND PLEASE if you are a fly tipper, stop being selfish and lazy and take your rubbish to the household refuse site as, fortunately, most other people do.